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This is something I created several years ago. I hope you find it as enjoyable as I did creating it. A spiritual, creative interview by Blue Star with Body, Emotions and Mental.

It was a creative project response when participating in a study group at OM Sanctuary, Eureka Springs, Arkansas. OMS is based upon the teachings of Alice Bailey and the 28 Rites. Thus, you'll hear me make mention of Rite 2, The Pond. The Open Air Meditation Sanctuary (OMS) has walking paths for all 28 Rites. However, this audio,video applies anytime. Enjoy!



Karen Lambie, Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, Ambassador of Hope through Shared Hope International Ambassadors.
I taught for 32 years at both the elementary and university levels, have been a foster parent for 13 years and volunteer for my county’s chapter of Prevent Child Abuse Georgia. I serve on the Board of Directors for Savannah Working Against Human Trafficking and I am on the Board of Advisors for the Center for Disadvantaged Girls through the Malkia Foundation in Kenya.
I knew before I retired from teaching that I wanted to dedicate the rest of my life to speaking out against child abuse and other violations of human rights. I became involved in an online community, A Safe World for Women, which is dedicated to women’s issues and rights.
It was information on human trafficking from this community that I became aware of the fact that human trafficking is rampant in the United States. I knew it occurred in other places, far off places, but I did not know how bad it was in this country and did not realize how prevalent it still is throughout the world. I began reading. I read books written by rescued victims; I read articles; I listened to podcasts; I went to a screening of the movie, “Nefarious: Merchant of Souls.”
The deeper I got into the subject matter, the stronger I felt a “calling” to bring this heinous crime into the consciousness of the public. My purpose is not only to raise awareness about human trafficking but to impart information that could possibly be life saving for a child or young person.

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Blue Star’s debut interview with Urban Mystic Gypsy, Maha-tara Youssef, Author of ‘Fire in the Moon- The Intimate Diaries of Maha-tara Youssef.
Maha-tara is 11th generation of medicine women in her family from the Choctaw Nation. She grew up very deep in the Native American culture and practices. Also, raised Muslim as well as Yoruba. She needed to shift her life to shake off the old and enter the new and decided to travel to Africa. Maha-tara sold everything she owned and bought 3 tickets to Morocco. Not knowing a single person or the language she packed up her baby girls and entered into the unknown.
Maha-tara is uplifting and a “free spirit”. You journey just by listening and watching her be-ingness. She shares her insights about a very dedicated relationship with children and the world. Be prepared to smile!
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Matt Reid is a normal 26 year old guy who decided to see if there was any validity to spiritual concepts. Matt embarked on a path as a skeptic which led through Christianity, Buddhism, Conspiracy Theories, Gnosticism, European Occultism, leading up to breakthrough experiences with Shamanistic Plant Tools. Matt discovered powerful spiritual truths during his experiences in the other dimensions. Matt’s experiences has inspired a stripped-down view of spiritual common sense and enforced the importance of listening to our own inner-voice first and foremost in this world and other realities beyond.
In this interview, Matt describes in detail what other realities feel like, look like, what makes them up and how various exchanges with non-human entities played-out. Matt has had experiences of tremendous love and insight, as well as horrifying experiences of manipulation and torture. Everything Matt has experienced has taught him tremendous universal lessons of respect and discernment, informing an overall view of reality he calls “The Universal Fractal Story.”
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