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Shamanic Improvisation is sensing and feeling, moving and sounding with each and every subtle energy.
Through the quieting of within we learn to hear and feel the impulses of our inner dance.
I will gently guide you and create a safe environment for you to uncover your Shamanic Dancer self.
As the journey unfolds you learn about the alchemist within, the be-ing inside of you who transforms and makes necessary changes.
This alchemical magic occurs while dancing "Between the Worlds.


Experiencing “Between The Worlds” and “The Art of Be-ing In The Moment” through movement, sounding, vocals, instruments and spoken word.

I Prayerform this for interested audiences and teach in a class/workshop format.This is a body of work I have developed over the past 35 years.

My specialty is clearing the space and setting heartful intention for the opening of your event of spirituality or consciousness.

Invite me to your event or organize a class/workshop/prayerformance for your friends and community.

No prior experience necessary.


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"When all life is improvisational I'll know
we have arrived!"



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